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China's fastest cold heading machine attracts attention, can produce 250 nuts per minute

China's fastest cold heading machine attracts attention, can produce 250 nuts per minute

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China's fastest cold heading machine attracts attention, can produce 250 nuts per minute

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At the Shanghai Automotive Fasteners Exhibition in June, a cold forging machine capable of producing 250 nuts and bolts per minute attracted great attention from customers. The fastest cold heading machine in China was developed by a Ningbo Machinery Co., Ltd. with the support of Shanghai University, and was included in the 2012 National Independent Innovation Project for Major Technical Equipment. As of the end of June this year, Ningbo R&D Park has gathered 13 famous university technology transfer centers including Zhejiang University and Fudan University, and 5 academician studios, effectively making up for the “shortcomings” of the city’s scientific research institutions. A "green" technology channel directly to university laboratories.
      “The R&D Park is the core area of ​​Ningbo’s independent innovation. In the first three-year policy support period that has just ended, the high-tech zone has invested a total of 14.8 million yuan to leverage the technology transfer center and academician studios to carry out 1095 technical cooperation with Ningbo enterprises. The contract value is 436 million yuan, and there are 1910 service enterprises in total." said Lv Xiyun, director of Ningbo R&D Park Management Service Center.
The joint construction of R&D institutions makes the cooperation between industry, university and research firmer and more regular. Relying on its technical advantages in the domestic polymer field, Shanghai Jiaotong University has established a research and development center with Ningbo Pioneer New Materials Co., Ltd., which has successively developed environmental protection, energy saving, UV resistance, antibacterial and flame retardant, New fabrics such as thermal insulation have filled the domestic gap. The “Preparation Technology of Polyvinyl Chloride Composite Materials and Development of Series Products” jointly declared by both parties won the second prize of Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award. According to statistics, there are currently 35 R&D institutions jointly established by the prestigious university technology transfer center and academician studio of the compound and Ningbo enterprises.
The technology transfer center and academician studio are also the most reliable "foreign brains" for Ningbo enterprises. The academician studio led by Academician Tan Jianrong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering is committed to the technology research and development in the mechanical industry, and has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with Ningbo Jifeng Automobile, Zhejiang Dafeng Sports, Risheng Group, Ningbo Weike Optoelectronics and other enterprises. Solve the difficulties of R&D design management. As of June this year, the studio has carried out more than 60 cooperations with enterprises, involving more than 30 million yuan.


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