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China's fastest cold heading machine attracts attention, can produce 250 nuts per minute
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Improvement of Feeding Bidirectional Straightening Device of Horizontal Roller Cold Heading Machine
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Introduction and forming of RP technology in rapid prototyping machine (high-speed prototyping machine)
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Whether the standard parts of the bending pipe movement mechanism are loose
When plowing the soil, deep plowing the soil about 30 cm can be used to ridge the soil to increase soil permeability and increase the ground temperature. The greater the insulation ratio, the better the insulation performance of the greenhouse. According to the classification of control methods, it can be roughly divided into four categories, one is manual control, the other is semi-automatic, the third is automatic, and the fourth is CNC. Detailed introduction to the operation of the CNC pipe bender Before the operation, check whether the points of the CNC pipe bender are short of oil, whether the bending movement mechanism is loose, and whether the protective device is reliable. The operation can be performed after confirmation. Production speed: 810 meters / partial pressure type shaft diameter: 13-channel pressure roller greenhouse tube bender power is set to provide power for various agricultural machinery and agricultural facilities. Every day on the Internet, he will see some stars cheating. Shaft diameter: 40mm start CNC pipe bender oil pump, whether the system pressure is maintained within the specified range, if it is high, it will damage the hydraulic components and waste power, if it is too low, it will affect the work. Under normal circumstances, there are many reasons for soil compaction, and measures should be used in combination to achieve better results.  Vegetable greenhouses have gained a wide range of development space. Whether the vegetable greenhouses can be used continuously is affected by many factors, including whether the greenhouse materials can withstand long-term wind and sun, and whether the main structure of the greenhouse can maintain long-term carrying capacity. Greenhouse construction must consider its durability. Location: The location of large-scale greenhouse gardens should avoid the downwind of polluting enterprises, avoid low terrain, and avoid sewage outlets. If you want to know whether you are familiar with the greenhouse tube bending machine design and production, do you know the rules and processing common sense of the greenhouse tube bending machine. Solid shaft material: 45# After reading it, he will go out and tell others that he does not think others are cheating. Agricultural power machinery mainly includes internal combustion engines and tractors equipped with internal combustion engines, as well as electric motors, wind turbines, water turbines and various small generator sets. Someone reported it. Steel quenched and tempered profiling wheel: 45# steel forgings, fine turning, polishing, hard chrome-plating on the surface. The overall frame design of the agricultural greenhouse monitoring system has laid a necessary environmental foundation for further routing protocol design. Analysis of the quality judgment and specific functions of the greenhouse bender   The greenhouse materials will inevitably wear little by little in the long-term use. The limit of this wear, the standard machinery is the service life of the vegetable greenhouse materials. The durability of the greenhouse is affected by factors such as the aging resistance of greenhouse materials and the carrying capacity of the main structure of the greenhouse. In order to achieve high dimensional accuracy of the greenhouse pipe bender, it should be dealt with from various links such as design and manufacturing so that it can have a more prominent performance in reliability. Therefore, we should have a more comprehensive understanding when selecting products. Can have more understanding of quality so that it can have a very prominent effect. What is the current situation of the greenhouse pipe bender market? What is the current situation of the greenhouse pipe bender market? What is the current situation of the greenhouse pipe bender market? ? What is the standard installation procedure? Underframe: 250H steel, 12mm vertical plate. If you cheat, anyone report it? I don't know how good it is to care about the Guo family. Diesel engines have the advantages of high heat rate, good fuel economy, reliable operation and good fire stability, etc., and are widely used in agricultural internal combustion engines and tractors. In case of a fight that day, you can run as fast as possible. Transmission mode: The agricultural greenhouse monitoring sensor network of the chain rotation shearing machine includes four points: the collection of plant growth parameters, data fusion, data transmission and monitoring data processing. There are many types of pipe bending, so there are also many greenhouse pipe bending machines.   Of course, for light-transmitting materials, there is also a self-consumption process. In addition to the strength of the light-transmitting material, the durability of the light-transmitting material is also manifested in that the light transmittance of the material continues to decay with time, and the degree of light transmittance attenuation is a decisive factor affecting the service life of th
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These demands drive the use of all-electric pipe bending technology bolt cold heading machines
[According to a report by Aviation Manufacturing Magazine in April 2014] Aviation pipe fitting manufacturer SL Engineering (SLE) continued to invest in advanced automation technology and purchased a second all-electric CNC pipe bender from Unison. The new machine tool enhances SLE's manufacturing capabilities, especially the ability to produce more flexible tubular shapes, and also expands the size of all-electric servo-controlled bendable pipe fittings to 80mm. SLE said: "The advanced forming capabilities of the tube bender give aircraft and engine manufacturers an advantage to deal with more complex shapes and more challenging bending radii to reduce weight, save space, and eliminate welded joints. Unison machine tool bending Ability to better control the thrust of pipe fixtures and brackets helps us achieve higher accuracy." SLE's business requires greater manufacturing flexibility. There are about 5-25 parts per batch, and the cold heading machine order may only have one urgent aircraft part. Higher accuracy and complexity of appearance are another aspect. Until recently, very few pipe fittings required a bending radius within 2D (2 times the pipe diameter). However, today, SLE continues to receive requirements for bending 1D, and the straight edge section between the bends of the cold heading machine is still required to be small. The use of thin-walled pipe fittings and expensive materials such as titanium alloys and nickel alloys for cold heading machines are also a trend.   These demands drive the use of all-electric bending technology. SLE installed a 30mm diameter Breeze model in 2010. The new Breeze80 has a elbow diameter of 80mm. The machine tool has also added multi-batch/multi-radius tooling capabilities. This is very important for forming some complex tubular shapes and multiple bending sequences.   For example, the shape of a military aircraft part requires multiple 2D bends, with as few straight sections as possible between the bends, and thin-walled titanium alloy pipes are used. The ellipticity after bending should also be less than 5%, and the position and length tolerance after bending and welding should reach ±0.005 inches. Since the parts are made of titanium alloy, the bending must be correct once, otherwise it is almost impossible to adjust after forming. The uniformity and repeatability of the Unison machine tool is critical to manufacturing this part.
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Introduce how to ensure the stability of mechanical operation when installing a cold heading machine
1. In mechanical lifting, two cables with a diameter greater than 25 should be used for lifting. The cold heading machine is a special equipment mainly used for mass production of fasteners such as nuts and bolts. According to the theory of metal plastic deformation, the bolt cold heading machine applies a certain pressure to the metal blank at room temperature to cause plastic deformation in the mold cavity and form it according to the specified shape and size. A pair of bevel gears are installed on one end of the crankshaft for standard parts machinery, a cam device is installed on the driven bevel gear shaft, and a scissors slider is installed vertically on the roller shaft of the driven roller of the cam device. The utility model overcomes the shortcomings of the prior art, and the running friction coefficient and impact force between the various parts of the feeding and cutting mechanism are small, so that the equipment runs smoothly, the running noise is effectively reduced, and the product quality and productivity are greatly improved. First, open the operating door cover of the machine and the upper cover behind the main sliding platform. The wire rope should be hung on the four corner booms of the machine platform. The angle of the lugs should not exceed 60 degrees. When lifting, it must be noted that the lifting lugs should not collide with the mechanical parts and the casing. 2. The second step. During installation, attention must be paid to the level of the unit in the front and rear and left directions to ensure the stability of mechanical operation. 3. The cold heading machine is equipped with a pneumatic clutch brake. Before the mechanical air pressure three-point combination, the air pressure storage container should be set up. The two containers can be shared or used separately. For specifications, please refer to the air consumption table of the SR clutch inch motor school bus. 4. The mechanical power distribution and installation cables should not be smaller than the main switch cable on the mechanical control box. At the same time, the motor and the electrical control box must be grounded separately to avoid damage to the machine and personnel when leakage occurs. 5. Lubricating oil or pressure oil should be added before mechanical operation. The lubrication system should explain the volume and viscosity index of the oil. 6. Before starting up, check whether the wire connector is loose and whether the screws of each machine are loose. After the machine has been running for a period of time, recheck whether the screws of each part are loose and whether the oil circuit is unblocked. Chapter VII. To start the machine, first start the lubrication pump. The blue indicator light must be turned on to indicate that the lubrication pump is operating normally, and then the main motor is started. At this time, the air pressure needs to reach 5.5-6.0kg/c. First, move the machine in inches to check whether the machine runs smoothly, and then check whether the stroke is normal. In order to check whether it is normal, the main sliding platform must be at the rear when the machine is stopped for single stroke and general operation. Otherwise, the cam angle position of the electrical appliance controlled by the parking space must be adjusted, which needs to be adjusted due to different speeds. In inch operation, the interval time per inch is greater than 2 seconds, so that the clutch will not be abnormally worn. When the machine is equipped with a gear shifting device, the machine tries to work at a low speed to reduce the sliding wear of the clutch when it is running at high speed.
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