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The factory was founded in 1991, is currently the executive chairman of Guangdong hardware and electrical chamber of Commerce unit, the main engineering and technical personnel have more than 30 years of screw machinery manufacturing experience. Chen Haiping, the general manager, graduated from the College of mechanical manufacturing. He was engaged in the production of screw machinery in 1975, engaged in the research and development of screw machinery in 1982, and began to contract the production and marketing of standard parts machinery in a town run machinery factory in 1985.

Company Profile

The screw machines produced by Hexing factory have been carefully improved by integrating the advanced structures of Japan and Taiwan. The second mock exam is the second mock exam for each series of products, including 180 M10-360C specifications, two full automatic double cold heading machines, MR10-800 double mode, automatic cold heading machine, M12-250C double-click cold heading machine, M14-250C double cold heading machine, X8-100B extra large milling machine, M16-200 four die four punch, three die three punch, three die five punch, two mode four punch, two mode two punch cold heading machine. Nail making machine, wire drawing machine, marking machine, boundary pit machine, tooth rolling machine, etc.

Dare to innovate and strive for steady progress

The company will be committed to continuous improvement of product production process and quality, and continuous development of new products to maintain market competitiveness. It is moving towards the direction of modern enterprise and advancing with time. With "sincerity, pragmatism, high quality and high efficiency" as the enterprise tenet, we will serve people from all walks of life wholeheartedly.

The origin of Hexing

He Xing Machinery Factory was founded in 1991. He began to introduce advanced technology from Japan and Taiwan, and specialized in developing and manufacturing metal wire machines such as multifunctional fastener equipment.

The origin of Technology

In October 1992, Chen Haiping independently developed the first full-automatic cold heading machine for half through rivets in China, and in June 1993, he independently developed the first full-automatic cold heading machine for aluminum pull rivets in China. Chen Haiping is now employed as Honorary Advisor by Chinese screw net.

Exquisite and exquisite products

After years of continuous development and in-depth research and development, our factory has acquired five patents, including China's three models, three punch multi station cold heading machine, two track new type head machine, new type gear grinding machine, new type of pit machine, and many other patent declarations.

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